On Wednesday of last week, two truck drivers were injured in a crash involving three tractor trailers on the Florida Turnpike in Palm Beach Gardens. The accident occurred after a semi-truck slowly entered traffic in the path of an oncoming UPS truck, which was driving at full speed. The collision destroyed the fuel tank on the UPS truck, and moments later, a Honda Civic hit the fuel tank and sent it flying into opposing traffic. A third truck swerved to avoid the tank, but jackknifed.

Only a week earlier on the same freeway, a dump truck collided into a tractor trailer, which caught fire and left the driver with third degree burns. Both of these recent accidents on the Florida Turnpike caused major traffic delays.

While truck and big rig accidents are relatively uncommon, they can be devastating. Because big rigs are so large in comparison to the other vehicles on the road, there is a high potential for serious injury after a big rig accident. Tractor-trailers, trucks, and big rigs also have huge fuel tanks, so an accident with one of these large vehicles can cause a major fire hazard.

Truck and big rig accidents also tend to involve multiple vehicles. From a personal injury lawyer’s perspective, the more parties involved in an automobile accident, the more complicated it can be to resolve all of the conflicts between the parties. An experienced personal injury attorney can help those injured in multi-car accidents to make claims against all appropriate insurance policies and, if necessary, pursue just compensation in a court of law. A good multi-car accident attorney will be extremely organized, know all of the relevant law, and have the persistence it takes to resolve a complex legal dispute.

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