Three People Sustained Injuries After An I-95 Accident In Broward County According to the report given by a spokesman for Fort Lauderdale police, the accident happened on the northbound lanes of I-95.

Authorities said, an I-95 accident involving a beverage truck and two sedans led to three injuries.

According to the report given by a spokesman for the police, the accident happened on the northbound lanes of I-95. A 48-year-old driver of the beverage truck suddenly slammed on his brakes when traveling on the fast lane.

The Lexus traveling at a high rate of speed behind the truck rammed into it from the rear. The black colored Hyundai Sonata traveling behind the Lexus could not avoid the crash as well, police added.

Report says, three people were injured out of five people involved in the accident. The driver and passenger of the beverage truck were not injured, however, the two occupants of the Lexus suffered severe injuries as well as the driver of the Hyundai.

It was reported that the three injured victims were transported in an ambulance to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Meanwhile, the occupants of the beverage truck remained on the scene of the accident.

Police are investigating the crash. According to the report, no charges have been file yet.


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