Ten Hospitalized Following Multiple Crash On I-295 A Toyota van conveying 10 people struck a Honda Accord that veered off its lane into the lane the lane of the van.

A multiple car accident occurred when a Honda crossed the lane and stopped suddenly on I-295, police said.

According to the police, the accident happened on I-295 in Sweetwater near Firestone Road. A Honda Accord reportedly swerved out of the passing lane and crossed into the lane of a van.  The Honda stopped suddenly causing the van to crash into the rear of the car.  The Toyota was carrying ten people. 

As the result of the crash two other cars, a pickup truck and a SUV, slammed each other.

EMS reported that the 22-year-old Honda driver is in critical condition with severe injuries. There are several other people involved in the crash that sustained injuries.

Over 10 people was transported to local hospitals while some people were treated on the scene of the accident. In the information released by the authorities, 17 people were involved in the multiple vehicle accident.

Police are still investigating the crash.


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