Seven People Injured In An Accident On W. Sunrise Blvd In Broward County

Seven people suffered injuries in an accident involving two cars on Sunrise Blvd, a Fort Lauderdale Police Department spokesperson reported.

According to the police, seven people sustained injuries in the accident. Presently, officials have not released the total number of people involved in the crash, however, the official report indicates that emergency crews transported the seven injured people to a local hospital for treatment. Most of the injuries sustained were to the head, neck, back, and limbs.

The spokesman said, this two-car accident occurred near Sunrise High School on the westbound part of Sunrise Blvd. Authorities have not released the cause of the accident. It is not known if one of the drivers or both drivers involved in the accident caused the crash. Additionally, the crash may be a result of a mechanical issue with either or both of the vehicles.

At this time, police have not released the identities of the people injured in the accident. Also, the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the crash.


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