Serious Injuries After A Pickup Truck Sideswipe A Car On FL-9 After a GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck reportedly sideswiped a 2014 Nissan Sentra on FL-9, several people were severely injured.

It was reported that after a GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck reportedly sideswiped a 2014 Nissan Sentra on FL-9, several people were severely injured.

Miami Police Department reported that this accident reportedly happened on FL-9. According to the report, the pickup truck as well as the Nissan car were traveling at a high rate of speed on the driveway. The pickup truck driver made an attempt to pass by the Nissan, he consequently struck it by its side, police reported.

However, police said it is not yet certain if the pickup truck driver caused the accident or the Nissan driver. It could have been that the Nissan driver swerved carelessly while the pickup truck was overtaking him. It could also be that the pickup truck driver lost control of vehicle while overtaking as well, police officer added.

Five men were involved in this accident and they are sustained injuries from this crash, police said. They have all been transported to a nearby hospital after a brief first aid treatment at the accident scene.

Police is on the site of the crash, investigating the crash and coordinating traffic flow.


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