Pedestrians Injured In Winkler Avenue Car Accident

Two people have been badly injured after they were hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk on Winkler Avenue, police said.

It was reported that a 26-year-old driver of a Ram Pickup truck struck a couple along Winkler Avenue. Eyewitnesses say the pickup truck drove carelessly along the intersection. Police are still investigating the cause and factors that resulted to the accident.

Meanwhile, an officer said the driver might have been distracted while approaching the intersection. He added that the driver was driving at a low rate of speed. This reportedly minimized the impact of the crash.

According to the authorities, the victims, an elderly couple, are still alive but seriously injured. One of the victims is a 76-year-old woman and the other is 79-year-old man. Fort Myers EMS spokesman said, the couple sustained substantial injuries and have been taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

No other information has been released about the charges or the current condition of the couple.

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