Passenger Injured In An Accident On MacArthur Causeway In Miami

It was reported that one person was injured in an accident on MacArthur Causeway in Miami. This happened after a four door car was rear-ended.

Police say the accident happened on MacArthur Causeway in Miami when a silver SUV rear-ended a blue sedan. According to officials, the driver of the SUV was traveling behind the sedan just before the accident.

The Nissan Maxima was stopped for traffic when it was struck by the SUV. However, authorities did not say why the SUV struck the car. Likewise, no further official report has been given by emergency services.

EMS arrived on scene and says that the passenger sitting in the right back side of the car was injured. The 27-year-old passenger has been transported for treatment.

The current condition of the passenger is yet unknown. Reports do not say if anyone else was injured in the accident.

Police say the incident remains under investigation.


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