One Person Killed In Crash Involving Lee County School Bus A person was killed in a crash involving a Lee county School bus, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

A person was killed in a crash involving a Lee county School bus, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The person killed in crash involving Lee County School bus was identified as a woman. She died when her Volkswagen Jetta failed to yield at an intersection and drove into the path of the school bus.

It was reported that the crash happened at Corkscrew Road and Corkscrew Woodlands Boulevard

The woman was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital where she died due to her injuries. A passenger in her vehicle identified as Brittany Marie Diaz of Coral Springs is however in a critical condition at the Lee Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the school bus, a woman identified as Amanda Leigh was taken to Gulf Medical Center having sustained serious injuries.

According to the Lee County Board of Education, the bus was on its way to a school to pick up students. There were no children on board at the time of the crash.


Marc Anidjar, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash:  “This was a serious accident that led to the death of one young women.  When there is a traffic fatality local police will typically do a very thorough analysis of the scene.  They will collect evidence that will help with liability.  The reports generally will include photographs, measurements and final resting points.  These fatality reports generally take longer to get a copy of,  but the information provided will assist all parties involved in the accident.  Our heartfelt sympathies to the family of the woman that died in this crash.  We also hope that the adults and children involved in this crash have a speedy recovery.”

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