Multiple Injuries After A Two-Vehicle Accident On I-10

Law enforcement officials say that two vehicles were involved in an accident on I-10 that led to injuries of at least two people.

Police has reported an accident that took place on I-10 where both of the vehicles involved in the crash were traveling in the westbound lane of the highway.

Rescue crew responded immediately to the emergency call and were on the accident site to help attend to the victims. Police officials were also on the ground in response to the call to give first aid and to help direct traffic as the accident was investigated.

No information is available on the exact number of people injured in the crash and the extent of the injuries they sustained from the collision. A witness stated that she saw two of the people involved in the crash taken away from the scene in an ambulance with what looked like severe injuries.

Authorities did not give an official statement saying how the accident happened and they say the incident is still under investigation as they look into the cause of the crash.


Marc Anidjar, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash. “Our hearts go out to the victims that were injured in this crash.  It is devastating when someone has been injured as a result of possibly reckless driving.  We hope that the victim’s injuries are not life-threatening and that they have a speedy recovery.  It is also important for those involved to contact an experienced auto accident attorney that knows how to help them through this difficult time.”

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