Motorcyclist Critically Injured On South Bayshore Drive

Miami Police are currently investigating an accident involving a motorcyclist and a sedan that happened on South Bayshore Drive.

A Hyundai, driven by a 23-year-old, ran into a motorcyclist after losing control of his vehicle, police said. The 26-year-old motorcyclist was reportedly riding a motorcycle that was hit by the Hyundai, leading to this terrible accident on South Bayshore Drive.

The motorcyclist was thrown off the bike and rolled onto the shoulder of the road, hitting the guardrail before coming to a halt. The motorcycle’s wreckage was all across the road from the severity of the impact.

After a preliminary investigation conducted by MPD, it was reported that the Hyundai driver was driving over the speed limit at the time of the collision. Police confirmed this from the readings taking from the car. The rate of speed of the driver was significant proof of how he lost control of his vehicle and collided with the motorcyclist, a police officer said.

The motorcycle driver has been rushed to the hospital by EMS after being reported to have sustained traumatic injuries.

Police investigations are still ongoing and no charges have been filed yet.

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