Motorcycle Accident On Southwest 16th Street Left Pedestrian Injured

According to law enforcement officials, two people on a motorcycle struck a 22-year-old male pedestrian on Southwest 16th Street in West Little Havana resulting in three injuries.

Report says the crash happened on Southwest 16th Street at West Little Havana. A 28-year-old man was reportedly walking by the shoulder of the road when he was hit by a motorcycle.

Witnesses reported the motorcycle driver apparently lost control of the motorcycle as he was driving on Southwest 16th Street. Consequently, the crashed into the shoulder of the road after hitting the curb. The two men on the bike were thrown off while the motorcycle then hit the pedestrian who failed to avoid the crash.

EMS arrived to the scene of the accident soon after it happened to administer on-site first aid to the injured victims in the incident. Emergency crews reported that the motorcycle passenger sustained moderate injuries and was treated immediately at the crash site.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle rider and the pedestrian were both taken to a nearby hospital for further medical attention after suffering severe injuries.

Officials say the incident is still under investigation and no further details were released.


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