NW 23rd Avenue Crash Is Example Of One Type Of Florida Car Accident

The US recorded 36.069 fatalities in 2019. The State of Florida had 3,183 of those fatalities, majority of which occurred in car crashes.

7 Types of Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents are a major cause of deaths on the road. Loss of control is most often the underlying cause for any driver involved in a traffic crash. Below is a list of different types of car accidents.

Head-On Collision

This occurs when a vehicle is a heading north on the road and suddenly another vehicle traveling south jumps the median and heads directly at you.

Vehicle Rollover

Rollover crashes occur when a car or truck (more frequently an SUV or van) flips onto its side, lands on the roof, or tumbles multiple times. This can cause occupants to be ejected. Unfortunately, there is no time to react, and the results of a vehicle rollover are serious injuries, at a minimum, with a high risk of fatality. Drivers and passengers who have fastened their seatbelts have a significantly increased survival rate.

T-Bone Car Accident

This is one of the most dangerous collisions. It happens when one vehicle crashes head-on into the side of another. Most frequently this “T” effect occurs on the driver’s side of the impacted car which can cause broken bones, a brain concussion, and even fatality. Because these collisions are usually sudden and unavoidable, the use of a seatbelt produces the best outcome.

Multiple Vehicle Collision

Another highly vulnerable traffic accident is a multiple vehicle collision — which involves three or more vehicles in a chain of events from a single event. These pileups can range from minimal to massive, resulting in a lot of confusion and multiple injuries, and fatalities.

Sideswipe Collision

Whether you’re on a country road or a freeway, driving right next to another vehicle is quite risky. Any kind of distraction by the other driver may cause them to drift from their lane — into yours — resulting in anything from a minor bump to a disabling blow. One way to avoid these crashes is by staying clear of blind spots (yours and the other driver’s) and taking notice when others are driving too close to the lane divider.

Side-Impact Collision

When one vehicle is broadsided (hit in the side by another driver’s front end) it is known as a side-impact collision. Most often, this type of car accident occurs at an intersection. A way to avoid these crashes is by slowing down as you approach the junction — whether or not you have the green light.

Single Car Accident

A single-car accident inherently involves one vehicle but this doesn’t mean its driver is always at fault. This accident usually occurs when a single driver reacts by swerving to keep from hitting something — maybe an animal or weaving driver — and ends up colliding with a guardrail or tree, or an electrical pole. In these cases, the weather is often a factor that can present unavoidable hazards in your path.

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Causes of Car Accidents

For many people, driving a vehicle is an everyday activity. People rely on their cars to get to work, school, and other important places. However, driving can be dangerous, and although weather conditions and car malfunctions can contribute to accidents, the behavior of drivers is most often the cause of accidents.

The three main causes of car accidents are poorly trained drivers, distracted drivers, and impaired drivers.

Poorly trained drivers

Drivers who do not adhere to the rules of the road can be putting themselves and others at risk. For example, drivers who exceed the speed limit will have a more difficult time stopping or turning if something, such as an animal, crosses their path. In addition, there are road signs that drivers need to recognize, understand, and obey.

Some drivers cannot tell how people who do not obey road signs will drive, and this unpredictability can lead to accidents. Additionally, not checking blind spots and not being aware of one’s surroundings can result in a collision.

Distracted drivers

Concentration and full attention are required while driving, so performing other tasks while driving can lead to an accident. For example, people who use their cell phone while driving are limiting their abilities, since cell phone usage often requires the use of one hand and takes some concentration. Cell phones are not the only distraction; drivers will often work on laptops, put on makeup, and do other activities. If a driver is doing these things, he or she is not focused on the road. Such distractions would often make drivers not notice if a car has stopped in front of him or her and collide with that car.

Impaired Drivers

Drinking and driving is something that is very dangerous. A driver’s ability to drive a car is seriously lessened when he or she is under the influence.

Injuries Caused By Car Crashes

A car accident can cause serious injuries to virtually any part of the body. The following are some of the most common injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims and some of the car crash stats for 2019:

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Car accidents are a leading cause of TBI, which occurs when the brain is damaged by a blow or a piercing injury to the head. Each year, 50,000 people die from TBI and another 80,000 to 90,000 suffer long-term disability.

Spinal cord injuries and paralysis (quadriplegia/tetraplegia and paraplegia)

The impact of a car crash on the body can cause long-term disability from spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal cord can result in partial or total paralysis below the level of the injury.

Back Injuries

The human body and spine are not designed to sustain heavy impact, and back injuries are a common result of car accidents. Back injuries may be delayed in showing up after an accident. The pain and disability from a serious back injury can be serious and long-lasting.

Internal injuries

During a crash which forces the body into an object, there may be damage to internal organs. Internal bleeding from this type of injury requires emergency medical treatment.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Not all car accident injuries are physical. Car accidents often lead to mental and emotional injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder may occur, and things that used to be routine may become worrisome and even impossible. You may be able to recover for your mental health treatment and emotional suffering after a car accident.

Three Injured In Multi-Vehicle Car Crash in Miami-Dade

Authorities say three people suffered varying injuries after a nasty car crash in Northwest Miami-Dade.

It happened early Thursday morning in the area of Northwest 23rd Avenue and 54th Street.

Officials said at least two vehicles were involved, and it appeared one of them hit a pole.

Both were very badly damaged.

The injured were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Police have not said what led to the crash but say revealed that the incident remains under investigation.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident

The initial step in pursuing a car accident is to contact an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the many questions that you will have about the legal process and potential compensation for your medical bills and other possible claims. An attorney will investigate to determine who caused the accident and who is responsible. They will review accident reports, speak to witnesses and other evidence to determine accident fault. They will ensure that all filing deadlines are met, including notice requirements for claims against the government.

Accidents involving cars sometimes have one or more drivers involved. This means that there are times that multiple insurance companies will be involved. Our team of lawyers will negotiate with all parties at fault, and their insurance companies, with the goal to reach a settlement agreement without ever having to go to an actual trial. If they cannot reach an agreement that provides you with the compensation that you deserve, they will then pursue your financial recovery in court.

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