The metro Miami morning commute came to a grinding halt on Wednesday as Authorities closed U.S. 1 in both directions after a fatal hit-and-run near Coconut Grove left one person dead and caused a second accident on the same stretch of road just minutes later.

The Miami Herald’s Lidia Dinkova reports “[i]t all began at 6:30 a.m., when a white pickup truck collided with a silver-colored Honda at Southwest 17th Avenue, causing the driver to crash into a tree on the median, said Napier Velazquez, spokesman for Miami Police.” The Honda driver, reportedly a woman in her 70s, died at the scene of the accident. The pickup truck driver sped off before police arrived on the scene.

The carnage from the first wreck appears to have spawned a second one. Minutes after the accident, a white pickup truck traveling southbound on U.S. 1 crashed with a silver-colored Nissan Sentra and a silver-colored Toyota RAV4. No one was injured in the second collision and it is unclear whether the accidents are related.
“At this point we don’t know if the driver of the white pickup truck slowed down or stopped to help the lady in the first crash,” Velazquez told the Herald.

Almost 236,000 traffic accidents occurred statewide in 2009. Florida car accidents are commonly the result of negligent driving. A legal term, negligence generally refers to a failure to act reasonably when one has the legal duty to do so. All drivers have the duty to drive safely and reasonably on the road, and when unreasonable driving leads to an accident, injured parties may be entitled to compensation.

If you are in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation for health care benefits, even if you were at fault. Florida law requires all automobile insurance policies to carry a minimum amount of “no-fault” insurance for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. This statewide requirement is designed to ensure that those injured in car accidents can seek proper medical care, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

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