MacArthur Causeway Accident; Man Flown to Hospital

It was reported that Miami Police Department have confirmed an accident on MacArthur Causeway involving two SUV’s.

The accident reportedly happened when two SUV’s were traveling side by side on MacArthur Causeway at a moderate speed. Officers said the hood of one of the SUV’s suddenly opened while in motion and it flew up and hit the windshield.

According the report, the driver’s panic and lack of visibility reportedly caused him to lose control of his vehicle. The SUV swerved and forcefully struck the other SUV, a Lexus RX350, traveling by its side and then came to a halt. The Lexus SUV then veered off the road due to the impact and crashed into the guardrail by the road.

The driver of the Lexus remained trapped in the vehicle, the report says. Upon arrival, first responders extricated him from the SUV. EMS then arrived and stabilized the victim before flying him to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. His current condition is unknown and authorities have yet to disclose his identity to the public.

The report says the other driver did not suffer any injuries. The accident remains under investigation. At this time, police have yet to release any additional information to the press.

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