Jacksonville Sheriff Officer’s Cruiser Involved In Crash which Left A Woman Injured A Jacksonville Sheriff Officer's cruiser was involved in a crash in Southside leading to a woman sustaining multiple injuries.

A Jacksonville Sheriff Officer’s cruiser was involved in a crash in Southside leading to a woman sustaining multiple injuries.

The crash involving the Jacksonville Officer and the woman happened at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Spring Forest. Specific details on how the accident happened has not been reported yet.

Emergency crews were seen treating the woman who was trapped inside her vehicle after the crash happened. The woman was seen conscious and able to talk and answer questions but her exact condition was not known. She was taken to the hospital after EMS extracted her from her vehicle.

According to the report. the officer was not injured in the crash.

The identities of the officer and the woman involved in the crash were not released to the public and no further details have been released by the authorities. Law enforcement is still investigating the incident.


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