Jacksonville Accident News:  Shibbald Road Hit-And-Run Accident Results In Two Serious Injuries Two pedestrians have been injured after a speeding driver crashed into them on the sidewalk, the Jacksonville Sheriff said.

Two pedestrians have been injured after a speeding driver crashed into them on the sidewalk, the Jacksonville Sheriff said.

The accident was reported to have happened on Shibbald Road near Charles Boobie Clark Park and Pool in Jacksonville. Police said the two victims are a couple who went for a walk and were traveling along a sidewalk, when the crash occurred.

Eyewitnesses said the driver was operating a white Hyundai Sonata and was traveling above the speed limit when he lost control of his vehicle, eventually leaving his lane and crashing into the 2 nearby victims.  He then left the scene of the accident.

Emergency Responders quickly arrived at the scene of the accident to stabilize the couple before finally airlifting them to the nearest trauma center for more advanced care.

Reports said the wife suffered injuries to her head while the husband suffered an injury to his arm.  They are both responding to treatment and medical professionals suspect a positive outcome.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department is currently looking any leads to find the driver of the Hyundai Sonata.


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