In Broward Road Accident, SUV Struck Teenager On A Bicycle

According to the police report, a Nissan Xterra lost control and pulled onto the side of Broward Road and struck a bicycle in the process.

The police reported that the 40-year-old SUV driver lost control of the car while driving along Broward Road. The cause has not yet been clarified. The police confirmed that this is still undergoing investigation.

Witnesses said that the SUV veered off the road and struck the street light pole and a moving bicycle. A 17-year-old boy was riding the bicycle when the crash happened.

It was reported that the teenage boy is in critical condition after been struck by the SUV.

Police said the driver of the Nissan, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, also sustained injuries. The boy and the driver have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

No further details have been released to the press at the time of reporting this story.

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