Seven people have been hospitalized following a four-vehicle accident at the intersection of Northwest 12th Avenue and Northwest 28th Street.

According to a police spokesperson, the four-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Northwest 12th Avenue and Northwest 28th Street. The accident involved a Nissan Xterra, a Ford Focus, a Toyota Camry, and a Honda Civic and had nine total occupants. Emergency crews transported a majority of the crash victims to the hospital after the crash happened.

The spokesperson said the 26-year-old driver of the Nissan SUV stopped abruptly, causing an oncoming Ford Focus to rear-end the SUV. The Ford was driven by a 24-year-old man, the spokesperson added. The incident caused a chain reaction crash with two oncoming cars, the Toyota car and the Honda car.

The EMS crew arrived at the site of the multi-vehicle collision in record time. Seven people suffered injuries in the accident. EMS transported the four drivers and the passengers in the Nissan and Ford to the nearest hospital. The injuries sustained were of varying degrees of severity. Presently, authorities have not disclosed the condition of each of the injured victims.

Police are still investigating the accident.


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