Four Critically Injured Following An Accident On Old Dixie Highway Fort Lauderdale Police said four people are hospitalized and in critical conditions following a car accident on Old Dixie Highway.

Fort Lauderdale Police said four people have been hospitalized and are in critical conditions following a car accident on Old Dixie Highway.

Police said two victims were thrown out from a car, and are in critical condition. The four occupants of the two cars involved have been transported to a nearby hospital. EMS reported that they all remain in critical condition.

According to the reported, the accident occurred at the south end of Old Dixie Highway in Fort Lauderdale. The crash reportedly involved two cars, despite earlier reports that it was a single-car crash. However, a 2012 four-door Hyundai Accent was reportedly involved in the accident together with one other unidentified car.

Reports say that the cars were traveling on Old Dixie Highway. Meanwhile the male driver of the Hyundai sped up in order to get around the second car. Consequently, the man struck the left curb, and slammed on the car brakes. The Hyundai was struck by the second car in the process, causing the Hyundai to flipped, as reported.

The cause of the crash is being investigated. No charges have been filed at the time of this report.


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