Fort Myers Accident News: SUV Struck School Minivan In Hanson Street Accident, Eight Injured Report says a black SUV swerved off the center-line on Hanson Street and struck a school minivan with children on board head-on.

A black SUV swerved off the center-line on Hanson Street and struck a school minivan with children on board head-on.

The 34-year-old man driving the SUV lost control near Veronica S Shoemaker Boulevard intersection and swerved towards the oncoming school bus. Police added that six children were in the school bus when it collided head-on with the SUV.

This crash occurred when a silver Honda SUV was at a high rate of speed, police reported further. It collided with the bus head-on before the two came to a halt on Hanson Street.

EMS arrived at the site of the crash few moment after the crash happened. The driver of the SUV sustained severe injuries. It was reported that he was unconscious after the crash happened.

It was reported that due to this impact, all the children sustained varying degrees of injuries from the crash. The driver of the school bus is also in a critical condition.

All the people involved in the crash have been taken to a nearby hospital. The driver was severely hurt and rushed to the hospital as well.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.


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