A new study published in the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine warns that drugs commonly prescribed for mens’ hair loss can lead to an enlarged prostate and irreversible sexual side effects. The article, which reviewed existing studies, found that the drugs Avodar, Proscar, and Propecia were strongly linked to erectile dysfunction, depression, and a loss of libido. Perhaps most surprisingly, the study found that in some cases the unwanted symptoms persisted even after the medication stopped.

The study’s author was particularly concerned about those who had persisting sexual side effects. Most patients understand that hair loss drugs, like any drugs, may have unwanted side effects. However, most patients do not consent to irreversible sexual side effects caused by any medication.

Not all doctors are convinced that we should worry about irreversible side effects caused by hair loss medications. A University of Miami Miller School of Medicine professor agreed that “these drugs do cause some of these problems.” However, he was not convinced that the side effects were irreversible because the study does not cite enough long term data.

In the 2009 case Wyeth v. Levine, the United States Supreme Court upheld consumers’ rights to sue drug manufacturers in state court for undisclosed drug side effects. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a musician who had to have her arm amputated after prescription drugs caused a serious gangrene infection. The musician was awarded around 6 million dollars in state court, based on the drug label’s inadequate warning. The drug manufacturer challenged the award, arguing that a consumer should not be able to sue the drug maker based on a defective warning, because the warning label was federally approved by the FDA. The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed, cementing consumers’ rights to sue drug manufacturers for improper warning labels.

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