Five Severe injuries Following A Fiery Accident On Ortiz Avenue It was reported that a ambulance collided with the Hyundai SUV at the intersection of Colonial Center Drive at Ortiz Avenue.

Police said, a hospital ambulance ran into a Hyundai Santa on Ortiz Avenue while on its way to an emergency call.

Police spokesman reported, that a rescue team in an ambulance crashed into a SUV near Calusa Nature Canter and Planetarium. The ambulance was reportedly on its way to rescue victims of a fire incidence when the accident occurred. There were three occupants in the ambulance, spokesman said.

Authorities stated that the driver and the passengers of the SUV were severely injured. It was reported that the three occupants of the ambulance also suffered injuries. They were reportedly transported to the hospital in another ambulance to a nearby hospital.

It was reported that the ambulance collided with the Hyundai SUV at the intersection of Colonial Center Drive at Ortiz Avenue. The right rear part of the SUV was severely damaged and the bumper smashed and removed, police said.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated by the police and no charge has been filed yet.


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