Female Pedestrian Struck Along Sidewalk On Lake Shore Boulevard

According to the sheriff’s office, a woman was struck by a Mercedes Benz SUV while she was walking along the sidewalk on Lake Shore Boulevard.

It was reported by law enforcement officials that the accident occurred on Lake Shore Boulevard at Hillcrest. Eyewitnesses said the driver of a 2016 Mercedes Benz SUV was driving over the speed limit before the collision with the pedestrian. Due to the driver’s speed, officials say he lost control of the vehicle while attempting to slow down after spotting the woman.

He was reportedly unable to regain control in time to avoid hitting the female pedestrian. He drove the vehicle, after hitting the woman, towards a utility pole before coming to a stop. Officers did not give an official statement about why the man was driving so fast and are still investigating the incident.

The report says JFRD quickly arrived at the scene of the accident to administer first aid to the woman. Emergency responders reported that she was airlifted to the nearest hospital for surgery after sustaining severe injuries. The identity of the woman has not been made public by authorities.

The driver of the SUV had only minor injuries and was treated at the scene by JFRD.

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