Florida’s long list of ongoing and delayed traffic projects create numerous safety hazards for residents and visitors. Infrastructure projects that stall or get delayed create congestion, which increases the risk of traffic accidents and may contribute to road rage.

For many of these projects, Floridians were promised a quick turnaround, only to face ongoing road construction for years.

Some of these delayed or lengthy traffic projects include:

  • The Spanish River I-95 Interchange in Boca Raton (According to the Palm Beach Post, the full Interchange should open in February 2018 (it is partially open now). Construction has been ongoing since January 2014.)
  • I-95 Interchange Improvements Between Hillsboro Boulevard and SW 10th Street (According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the construction should be complete in Spring 2018. Construction began in 2015.)
  • Ravenswood Road Bridge Replacement in Dania Beach (The bridge was supposed to be open, but according to the Dania Beach official website, construction should end in early 2018 and the bridge will open at the end of 2018. Construction began November 30, 2015.)
  • Express lanes between I-595 and Griffin Road on I-75 (Project managers delayed the opening of the express lanes until spring 2018.)
  • Repaving of I-95 (The state began repaving I-95 in 2016. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the repaving project will not be finished until 2024.)

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How Do Traffic Project Delays Cause Safety Hazards?

“Our roads are insufficient to handle traffic from our growing population and the tourists who visit our state year-round,” says Marc Anidjar. “Road construction is necessary to update our roads so they can accommodate higher traffic volumes, but the construction can slow the flow of traffic or create traffic jams.”

“Unfortunately, this can lead to impatient and aggressive driving, which increases the risk of accidents. Delays in road construction only make the problem worse.

Some of the factors that contribute to traffic safety hazards include:

  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Inattentive drivers (e.g., texting, engaging in conversations with passengers, rubbernecking, etc.) who do not pay attention to signs and flags in construction zones
  • Inadequate lighting and signage for roadway projects
  • Drivers who try to bypass traffic by riding on the shoulder or attempting to cut into traffic

Drivers can also be involved in accidents with construction vehicles if they are not paying attention or refuse to yield right of way.

How Can I Stay Safe in Construction Zones? 

There are several things you can do to avoid the hazards caused by traffic projects. First, if at all possible, plan accordingly for scheduled road closures or delays. Check your city’s website for traffic advisories.

When there are delays, you might consider:

  • Taking alternate routes
  • Rescheduling your commute (e.g., if construction starts at 9 a.m., consider leaving 30 minutes earlier to be clear of the area by then)
  • Using an alternative mode of transportation, such as public transit

If you must drive through construction zones during busy hours:

  • Give yourself ample time for the commute to avoid the frustration that comes from running late.
  • Exercise caution and good judgment when traveling through construction zones.

And any time you are on Florida’s busy roads, pay close attention to your surroundings and avoid common distractions like cell phones. Driving distractedly or aggressively and succumbing to road rage only worsens matters.

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