Couple Critically Injured In Crash On Northwest 30th Avenue In Miami A couple was critically injured after a tragic accident which occurred on Northwest 30th Avenue in Miami.

A couple was critically injured after a tragic accident that occurred on Northwest 30th Avenue in Miami. Paramedics transported the woman after she was struck twice by two different vehicles.

The officials at the scene of the accident said a Cadillac was pulled over on the shoulder of Northwest 30th Avenue. A Nissan driver crashed into the Cadillac, ejecting the woman out of the vehicle. Her husband, who was in the same vehicle with her when the crash happened, tried to give her CPR. He was then struck by the driver of an oncoming truck. His wife whom he was attending to was also struck for the second time.

Paramedics airlifted the woman having received critical injuries. Her medical condition is unknown at the time of this report. The man was also taken to a nearby local hospital in critical condition.

Police say both the drivers of the Nissan and the truck were present at the scene and were being questioned by the officials. The couple is yet to be identified.

Police continue to investigate factors that led to the crash.


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