County Road 886 Accident Leaves Drivers Injured

The report says police are investigating an accident on County Road 886 that has left one person severely injured when a pickup truck lost control and crashed into two other vehicles.

According to Naples law enforcement officials, the accident happened on the County Road 886 where it was reported that a truck spun out of control and struck two vehicles.

Reports from eyewitnesses read that the male driver operating a Toyota pickup truck decided to switch lanes and lost control in the process. He then reportedly collided with two nearby vehicles before coming to a standstill.

It was reported that EMS arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it happened to administer on-site first aid to the injured victims. Emergency crews reported that one of the drivers suffered life-threatening injuries to the neck and back. The other driver suffered only minor injuries. 

According to law enforcement officials, no charges have been filed yet and the case is still under investigation.                                                                                                      

Comment from Anidjar and Levine:

Mark Anidjar, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash:  “This was a serious three-vehicle accident on County Road 886 in Naples, which led to drivers sustaining critical injuries through no fault of their own. When motorists are distracted or speeding beyond required limits, they put the lives of others at risk. When a negligent driver causes a crash, he or she could be held accountable for the accident. In cases similar to this, you will need help with the collection of compensation for medical care, losses and damages through an experienced accident attorney.”

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