Casualties In Multiple Vehicle Crash On FL-913; Ten Hospitalized

According to Miami Police, a multiple car accident occurred when a Honda crossed the lane, slammed on their brakes and suddenly stopped on FL-913.

Report says a Honda Accord veered off the passing lane and crossed into the lane of another moving vehicle, Toyota Hiace. Consequently, the Toyota van was carrying ten people and struck the car from the rear.

As the result of the crash, two other cars, a pickup truck and a SUV slammed each other, police said. This accident happened on FL-913.

Report says some of the vehicles reportedly sideswiped each other, some were rear-ended and another t-boned in the process of the accident.

EMS said that the 22-year-old Honda driver is in critical condition with several injuries. There are several other people involved in the crash that have sustained traumatic injuries. Others sustained minor injuries, EMS said.

Over ten people were reportedly transported to nearby hospitals while some people were treated on the scene of the accident. In the information released by the authorities, 15 people were involved in the multiple vehicle accident.

Investigation is still ongoing.

Comment from Anidjar and Levine:

Marc Anidjar, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash:  “We are sorry to hear of this multi-vehicle accident leading to critical injuries on FL-913, Miami. Ten people were hospitalized after this fiery accident. Serious injuries can affect the lives of all parties involved and their families who feel the effects even when they are not directly involved. Please do not wait until it’s too late to seek help for your injuries. We wish all parties in the accident a speedy recovery from their injuries”

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