Car Plows Into Pedestrians On Cape Street In Fort Myers An accident on Cape Street in Fort Myers is being investigated by the authorities.

An accident on Cape Street in Fort Myers is being investigated by the authorities. Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral was shut down for hours after a car ran into pedestrians.

According to an eyewitness, it was a domino effect of a crash sending another car into a crowd on the sidewalk. The driver of a car was struck from the rear causing it to come off Del Prado Boulevard and hit two people in a parking lot on Cape Street.

The two persons who were hit were taken to a local hospital as trauma alert patients. Their medical conditions are unknown.

The driver of the car who caused the accident on Cape Street has been taken into custody. Officers at the scene of the crash performed various field sobriety tests. She was unable to comply with the officers field tests. The car she hit was occupied by a family driving home from a Cape Coral bike shop.

The driver who was arrested said she had not done anything wrong. As she was being detained by officers, she was yelling obscenities and protesting her arrest.


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