Car-Motorcycle Accident: Two Severely Injured on Southside Boulevard

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, two people sustained severe injuries when a driver struck a motorcycle in motion on Southside Boulevard.

The report says the accident happened when the motorcycle was attempting to navigate onto Western Lake Drive, police said. Police reported that a 30-year-old driver of the 2013 Dodge Dart rear-ended the motorcycle while in motion. According to the police, this accident occurred at the intersection between Southside Boulevard and Western Lake Drive.

Witnesses reportedly said the 24-year-old motorcyclist indicated a turn while pulling out of the road, but the driver ignored it.

Subsequently, the motorcycle rider and the passenger fell off the motorcycle and suffered injuries to the limbs, JFRD reported. Emergency crews rushed both victims to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Dodge did not sustain any injury.


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