Eighteen Broward County firefighters and two 200-pound “Jaws of Life” machines were needed to free three children trapped inside a car after a side-impact collision. After 20 minutes of hard work, the firefighters freed the children, and the vehicle’s 5 occupants were sent to the Broward General Medical Center.

According to local news, the injured children were “very shaken up,” but firefighters did a good job of keeping the children calm in a potentially stressful situation. Luckily, none of the children’s injuries were life threatening.

When a child is involved in an accident, special care must be taken to ensure the child’s well-being and safety. That principle applies to emergency rescue personnel, attending physicians, and even personal injury attorneys.

Especially when a child’s recollection of events is important to the outcome of a case, lawyers must tread carefully. A court of law can be an intimidating place, so lawyers should be wary of inflicting unnecessary anxiety on children. Our law firm has found that when dealing with child injury cases, the best practice is to involve children in as little litigation as possible. But, if a child’s deposition or trial testimony absolutely must be taken, there are ways to make the process a calm and comfortable experience for everybody involved.

Florida has a few special laws in place to protect child witnesses. For example, in some cases a child’s videotaped deposition can be introduced into evidence without actually requiring the child to be present in the courtroom. Additionally, Florida judges have discretion to to exclude the public from the courtroom or relax other courtroom formalities while the child testifies.

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