Bicyclist Seriously Injured In An Accident Along Eastport Road

A bicycle rider reportedly sustained severe injuries after an accident along Eastport Road after being hit by a Hyundai Santa Fe.

According to reports, the accident occurred along Eastport Road, close to railway line, involving a bicycle and a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. Eyewitnesses said the bicyclist was traveling east while the Hyundai was heading west on Eastport Road when the accident happened. Officials say the bicyclist had the right of way and the driver failed to yield to the bike rider.

Witnesses said the Hyundai entered the intersection at a high rate of speed and apparently lost control. The 21-year-old bicyclist attempted to avoid the car but was hit by the vehicle while on the sidewalk and suffered various injuries.

JFRD arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it happened to administer on-site first aid to the injured bicyclist. Emergency crews reported that the victim was transported to the nearest hospital after suffering severe injuries to the head and chest.

Officials say the incident is still under investigation and no further details were released.


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