Bicyclist Killed After Been Hit By Car In Jacksonville Beach

According to the police, a woman riding her bicycle was struck by a car and died from her injuries in Jacksonville Beach.

The woman was reportedly headed west at the intersection of 3rd Street and 13th Avenue South when a vehicle headed south on 3rd Street hit her.

Police said the bicyclist died at the hospital about half an hour after the incidence.

Report says the driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and was cooperating with law enforcement. Also, the mangled bike could be seen in the road.

An eyewitness gave an account of what happened. “The Jacksonville Beach Police Department is excellent. They’re out here at nighttime. They’re out here during the day. But there’s a bunch of lunatics that drive up and down 3rd [Street]. They’ll start out at my light, which is at 16th [Avenue], and just gun it. I mean, they’ll lay rubber out here, and by the time they’re down to the next corner down — three or four blocks down — there doing 50 mph,” said David Danzeisen. “In all fairness, I know the police are doing the best they can here.”

Following crash, northbound lanes of 3rd Street remained open but southbound 3rd Street was closed from 12th to 14th avenues. It was also reported that cars were being diverted to 9th Street South.

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