62 Year Old Man Injured In Crash In Jacksonville A 62 year old man was critically injured in a crash at 6000 Townsend Road in Jacksonville.

A 62 year old man was critically injured in a crash at 6000 Townsend Road in Jacksonville.

The crash happened when the left rear wheel came off a Sport Utility Vehicle causing the driver to lose control. The SUV entered into the path of another car driven by a 62 year old man.

The 62 year old driver sustained serious injuries. He was administered first aid treatment at the scene of the crash and was taken to the hospital further treatment.

The driver of the SUV sustained minor injuries and was taken to another hospital. The cause of the crash is unknown at the time of this report. The crash remains under investigation.

No further details, including the drivers of the vehicles, has been released at this time.


Glen Levine, from the Law Firm of Anidjar and Levine, comments on this crash:  “This was a serious accident that led to persons sustaining injuries.  Scene investigations are critical to determining fault.  Initially after an accident our office typically will hire an investigator to go to the scene.  They can help collect evidence that will help with liability such as  photograph skid marks to determine if excessive speed by one of the parties contributed to the severity of the accident.  They can also canvass the area to see if any local business has security cameras that may have caught the accident within the angle of view of the security system.  Finally always request that the vehicle be preserved – newer model vehicles had a data recording device that will tell speed and other telemetric information such as steering input and brake force at the time of accident.”

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