Winter Park Bicycle Hit and Run Accident Lawyer A bicyclist involved who is the victim of a hit and run could collect compensation.

Winter Park provides ample scenery and safe passage for bicyclists, but that safe passage may come under threat from motorists who do not operate their vehicle with the necessary care. There are several circumstances when a driver could strike and injure a bicyclist in Winter Park, and if the motorist leaves the scene of a collision, then they may face civil charges for negligence. A Winter Park bicycle hit and run accident lawyer can take on your pursuit of compensation from the liable driver and any other liable parties.

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Bicyclists Have No Line of Defense

Bicycles do not provide the protection a car offers in the event of an accident. By their nature, bicycles lack a variety of protective features, including:

A Lack of a Structural Barrier

A car provides an enclosed space that can potentially shield passengers from the impact of another car during an accident. This frame is a significant reason why, in the case of an accident, it is generally far safer to be in a vehicle than on a bicycle.

Bikes have no such barrier to protect the rider in the case of an accident, and motorists should be aware of the risk that this poses to a bicyclist who is involved in a collision.

A Lack of Basic Safety Features

Bicycles are designed to manage the likes of a crack in a sidewalk and, perhaps, a small pothole. They are not designed to bear the impact of a motor vehicle, and bike riders may not generally expect to come into contact with an SUV, truck, or car when they are riding their bike.

Therefore, bicycles lack the airbags and safety belts that you will find in most motor vehicles. While these are not practical features to include on a bicycle, their absence emphasizes why a bicyclist may be at great risk of injury if they are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle.

Limited Mechanics

Motor vehicles have engines that allow them to accelerate quickly. The ability to accelerate while making various safety maneuvers may allow a driver to avoid an imminent collision. Bicycles, generally being powered by one’s legs and feet alone, do not generally have the capacity for such rapid acceleration. If a bicyclist sees a motor vehicle approaching, they may have little recourse to avoid the collision.

It is clear that motor vehicle drivers are not doing as well as they should be to avoid collisions with pedestrians, bicyclists included. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) explains that Florida is continually among the most dangerous states for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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A Lawyer Will Aim to Secure Justice for You

You may have suffered one or more injuries because of a bicycle accident caused by a driver who left the scene of your accident. A lawyer’s first priority will be to ensure that your health is not compromised further after your accident, and they may help you by:

  • Organizing documentation of the medical care you have received to date
  • Ensuring that you receive follow-up care for your injuries
  • Managing your medical bills, as they may be directly relevant to your case for compensation

Along with helping you get your recovery on track, your lawyer will begin to pursue justice for you or a loved one. The course that they choose for pursuing justice may depend on whether the driver who left the scene was apprehended or not.

If law enforcement is able to identify the driver who caused your collision and fled the scene, then that person may be named as a defendant in a lawsuit. If injuries are the extent of harm, then a personal injury lawsuit may be called for. If you lost a loved one because of a bicycle accident, then a wrongful death lawsuit may be necessary.

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Sorting Out Insurance Considerations

If the driver who caused your accident is not identified, then you may be able to make a claim through your own insurance policy. This is not always the case, though.

Your ability to secure an insurance settlement may depend on the specific details of your policy, including but not limited to whether you have uninsured motorist coverage. A lawyer can review your policy, determine what coverage you should be entitled to because of the policy, and then handle negotiations with the insurance companies.

Access to a lawyer who can handle your insurance claim or lawsuit may not only ensure the defense of your rights but may also be a significant weight off of your shoulders as you worry about your recovery.

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