You might qualify to file a claim or lawsuit if you suffered whiplash in a car accident in West Palm Beach. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other long-term effects of whiplash.

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Your Whiplash Injury Lawyer Will Help Value Your Case

How much your car accident claim is worth depends on how your injuries affect you physically, emotionally, and financially.

A personal injury attorney from our firm will investigate your case to identify all the damages you suffered, including long-term damages associated with your whiplash.

Medical Expenses

This includes current hospital, surgery, medication, and doctor bills, as well as long-term care expenses like physical therapy or future medical treatment or surgeries.

Lost Wages

Your lost wages may include the salary or wages you already lost while recovering from whiplash (including vacation time or sick leave you had to take), as well as loss of earning potential if your injuries will reduce the amount of money you are able to earn.

Pain and Suffering

Noneconomic damages account for the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by your whiplash. Talk to a whiplash injury attorney about how to value pain and suffering damages for your case.

Other Damages

Every case is different, which makes a thorough investigation of your accident vital to ensure you get all the compensation you deserve. You may qualify for damages for loss of quality of life, permanent disability, and more.

In proving the value of your case, your lawyer may rely on medical bills and records, wage statements and other proof of lost wages, pain journals, and expert testimony, such as from a vocational or medical expert.

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How Your Whiplash Lawyer Can Help You Prove Liability

Your injury case hinges on proving the value of your damages as well as liability for those damages.

Our lawyers focus on building a well-supported case that establishes how the accident happened, who caused it, and, of course, who is liable for your damages.

To build your case, your lawyer will gather evidence that aims to prove the other party’s responsibility for your accident and whiplash injuries.

  • Eyewitness testimony: Your lawyer can contact people who witnessed the car accident and ask for testimony about how the wreck happened.
  • Police report: If the police filed an accident report, we will retrieve the police report, which may include important information about the accident and who caused it.
  • Photographs and video surveillance: If you took photos, share them with your lawyer. We may also investigate whether there is video surveillance available that captured the accident on video.
  • Expert testimony: We may secure testimony from expert witnesses like accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, and more.

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Benefits of Working With an Injury Lawyer for Your Whiplash Case

Free Consultation About Your Case

Schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm by calling 1-800-747-3733. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your case with a lawyer, who will explain your options for compensation.

We Deal With Insurance Adjusters for You

We take on the burden of talking to insurance adjusters and negotiating a settlement. We will respond to the insurance company’s requests and make sure it acts in good faith when processing your claim.

Help Scheduling Your Appointments

Between medical appointments, car repair appointments, physical therapy appointments, and more, there is a lot to take care of after a car accident, especially one that caused whiplash. We can help you schedule your appointments to keep things organized.

File a Lawsuit If Necessary

If we are unable to settle with the insurance company, we can file a lawsuit to pursue the compensation you deserve in court. The litigation process generally goes like this:

  • We file the Complaint and the defendant files an Answer, which typically give both parties the opportunity to lay out their case.
  • Both parties participate in Discovery, which may require interrogatories and depositions, which we can help you prepare for.
  • Each party may file Motions, which ask the judge to make a decision (ruling) on a particular legal issue.
  • Mediation may take place before trial. Both sides work with a mediator (i.e., unbiased third party) who tries to help the parties reach an out-of-court agreement.
  • If we are unable to reach an out-of-court settlement, we will be ready to proceed to trial where we will attempt to persuade a judge and jury that you deserve compensation.

We Help You Achieve Peace of Mind

We want you to get the money you need to pay bills and get necessary medical care. And we want you to focus on recovering and treating your whiplash, not fighting with insurance adjusters.

Your whiplash injury lawyer in West Palm Beach and the staff at our firm will give you the peace of mind you need.

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