Vero Beach Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If your home or property recently suffered hurricane damage in Vero Beach and the insurance company is making it difficult to get reimbursed for your covered losses, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is here to help.

When a hurricane damages homes and properties in Vero Beach and elsewhere along Florida’s eastern shore, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to make it difficult for property owners to get reimbursed for their losses. If you suffered property damage in a hurricane and your insurance company disputes your claim or undervalues your covered losses, you may benefit from the help of a hurricane property claim lawyer in Vero Beach.

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we can stop the insurance company from giving you the runaround and violating your losses under the Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. We may be able to appeal a denial or take other steps to help you secure the reimbursement you deserve. Call 1-800-747-3733 today for your free case evaluation with a member of our team.

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The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine Can Help You Fight for a Fair Payout Based on Your Covered Losses

Property on the eastern side of the Indian River Lagoon is especially at-risk in a hurricane or tropical storm, but damage can occur anywhere.

If your Vero Beach property sustained damage, it is likely that others in the area did, as well. After a major hurricane, the insurance company may be inundated with claims. When this happens, sometimes they have to work quickly to handle every claim. It could take weeks or even months. Then, what happens when they undervalue your losses or dispute your claim? Some insurance companies will look for any reason not to pay their policyholders.

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we will go the extra mile for you. When you enlist our help, we may be able to:

  • Appeal the denial of your claim
  • Negotiate a fair settlement based on your covered losses
  • File a bad-faith lawsuit against the insurance company, in rare cases

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We Can Reduce the Stress You Face Following a Vero Beach Hurricane

There is no reason why you should try to fight the insurance company on your own after a Vero Beach hurricane. A hurricane property claim lawyer in Vero Beach can go to work for you immediately after your initial consultation, reviewing your insurance policies and helping you catalog your losses in the aftermath of the storm.

Our team will speak to the insurance company directly, letting you focus on getting your life back to normal while we take care of everything else. We can help you collect evidence to support your claim and fight for your covered losses based on your policy. This may include money to:

  • Repair structural damages
  • Replace contents
  • Clean and remove debris
  • Pay for temporary repairs
  • Pay out-of-pocket costs if you cannot stay in your home

You have a limited time under the statute of limitations enforced by FL § 627.70132 to act if your insurance company disputes your losses, denies your claim, or undervalues your covered losses. Reach out to our team of attorneys, investigators, and legal support today. We can deal with your insurance company on your behalf.

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At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, our case reviews are always free, and you never pay anything out of pocket. We work based on contingency, meaning you do not owe us any attorney’s fees unless we recover a payout for you.

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