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Negligence Factors in Slip and Fall Claims

Property owners are not responsible for damages every time someone slips on their property. The plaintiff must sustain a measurable injury and landowner must have been careless in the eyes of the law. We can prove a property owner is negligent if they:

  • Had a hazardous condition on the premises,
  • Knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, and
  • Did not repair the hazard or post adequate warnings about it.

We must be able to prove all three of these elements to hold the landowner responsible for your injuries from a slip and fall accident.

For example, if a grocery store fails to keep its floors clear of spills, does not install mats that could minimize the danger of spills, and does not post signs warning customers about existing spills, they could be found liable if a customer slips and falls on a spill in their store and sustains an injury.

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What to Do After Slip and Fall Accident in Titusville, Florida

Be sure to take these five steps after a slip and fall accident:

  • Get medical attention for your injuries right away. Your medical records will be essential in proving the extent of your injuries. These records will also link your physical harm to the fall at the property. It will be harder to prove that the fall cause injuries if you do not get a medical evaluation right away.
  • Report the accident to the store as soon as possible. If you cannot report the accident immediately, arrange for someone to notify the store in writing.
  • Have someone take photographs of the scene of your fall before the property owner can remove the evidence of the dangerous condition or clean up the spill. Also, you should get the names and contact information of other people who were in that area of the store and might be able to act as witnesses.
  • Contact a slip and fall lawyer who serves Titusville, FL for legal help. The property owner should have liability insurance. It can be helpful to have an attorney to assist you if you plan to take on a commercial liability insurance company.
  • Be sure to complete all of the medical treatment that your doctor prescribes. For example, if you do not finish all of your physical therapy, the insurance company will claim that you could have gotten better if you had done so. They will try to reduce the amount they pay for your injuries with this argument.

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Top Three Mistakes People Make After a Slip and Fall Accident

Doing any of these three things can decrease the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries:

  • Making small talk with bystanders in the store after you fall. The store has every incentive to twist your words to decrease the amount of money they have to pay for your injuries. Do not chat with or make comments to other people at the store right after your accident. The store could take your words out of context and claim that you took the blame for the fall when you were merely expressing frustration.
  • The defendant’s insurance company will likely contact you and ask you to give them a recorded statement. Although they will say that it is your opportunity to tell your side of the story, the insurance company is not trying to help you. The insurer’s job is to pay you as little money as possible, and perhaps deny your claim entirely. A recorded statement gives the insurance company the opportunity to use your words against you. Tell the insurance company to talk to your lawyer.
  • Sometimes an insurance company will offer a quick, easy settlement to an injured person. If you have not yet recuperated fully from your injuries, you should not settle your case. It can also be helpful to continue negotiating your settlement as you collect additional evidence to support your claim. A slip and fall lawyer in Titusville, FL can help guide you through this process.

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Slip and Fall Accident Damages

The actual amount that you can recover for your slip and fall accident will depend on the facts of your case. Successful slip and fall plaintiffs can recover compensation for damages that include their medical expenses, lost wages, diminished earning potential, pain and suffering, and/or other personal injury losses.

Getting Help for a Clip and Fall Claim in Titusville, FL

You only have a limited window to file your claim under the Florida statute of limitations. The sooner you begin the process, the easier it will be to collect the evidence you need to build a strong case.

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