Sebastian Property Claim Lawyer If you need help getting your insurance company to repair or replace your home, a property claim lawyer in Sebastian, FL, might be your best advocate.

You purchased a home to provide a safe haven for yourself and your family. When your home is damaged due to high winds, a burst pipe, fire, or a hurricane or other storm, you expect to receive the protection of your insurance policy. When your insurer balks at paying your claim or offers you a payout that will not cover your losses, you do not have to settle for their offer.

When you chose your homeowners’ insurance and supplemental policies, you did so in good faith. You also made regular payments to your policy to ensure it would be in effect when you needed its protection. When disaster strikes and you find yourself unable to collect on your claim, you could benefit from the help and guidance of a property claim lawyer in Sebastian, FL.

You do not have to feel pressured to settle for less than you are entitled to from your insurance company. Your time to act is limited, so speak to a lawyer who can help you carefully read your policy and understand the full scope of your covered losses. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer near you today.

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Florida Homeowners Have Rights

Did you know your insurance company has certain obligations to you in the event of damage to your property? As a homeowner in the state of Florida, you have the following protections under Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights in the process of filing an insurance claim for damages caused by a hurricane, fire, pipe leak, storm loss, wind, and water damage claims:

  • Your insurer must let you know when they receive your claim.
  • They must notify you in a timely fashion of their decision in regard to your claim.
  • They must also make timely payments for certain parts of your covered losses.

In keeping with your homeowner’s rights, you should consider taking the following actions as well:

  • Notify your insurer before making any repairs to your property outside of emergency repairs.
  • Keep a record of all relevant receipts and take pictures to document your property damage.
  • Use only licensed contractors to make any emergency repairs to your home.

This list is not exhaustive and does not represent all your rights and responsibilities. A property claim lawyer in Sebastian, FL can help you understand all of your rights and work to make sure you receive the financial payout you deserve that will allow you to restore your property to its previous state and get your life back on track.

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