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Understanding the Prevalence of Delivery Van Accidents

The size and weight of delivery vans and trucks relative to other vehicles on the road tend to be quite large. As a result, a collision with one of these vehicles is more likely to result in disastrous injuries for the much smaller passenger vehicles’ drivers and occupants.

When one of these collisions occurs, getting legal advice may be crucial for parties injured in the crash.

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Establishing Liability for Delivery Van Accidents

In typical car accidents, determining liability is relatively straightforward. In those cases, the driver who caused the accident to occur is the person whom you would hold responsible for paying the costs of your injuries. However, some accidents may involve one or more responsible parties, including the driver of the vehicle, a commercial vehicle owner, or an employer of the driver. Determining the identity of the liable parties in a delivery van accident can be complex.

For instance, some companies employ their own delivery drivers. In that case, the company that owns the van and employs the delivery driver would be liable for any resulting accidents. Many companies, however, use a third-party delivery or shipping company that employs delivery drivers. In this situation, it would be the delivery or shipping company that would be liable for the costs of injuries to others in an accident.

Liability for the employer may occur in various scenarios. For instance, the employer may have failed to complete background checks for drivers with poor driving histories. They may not have provided proper training and supervision for new commercial drivers or adequately maintained their vehicles.

Additionally, some companies put extreme pressure on their drivers to deliver within often unrealistic time frames. If a company has pressured a commercial delivery driver to speed or work excessively long hours to deliver packages on time, that company may be liable for any injuries resulting from an accident that the driver causes.

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Seeking Compensation in Delivery Van Accident Claims

Delivery van accidents can cause a wide range of losses, both economic and non-economic. Injury victims may seek different forms of compensation based on the severity and the duration of their injuries, among other factors. For instance, less serious accidents might result in only two or three medical bills, a few days missed at work, and some minor car repairs.

On the other hand, people who suffer injuries that leave them permanently disabled and unable to work may have a much longer list of expenses related to their injuries. These expenses might include compensation for future medical treatment, rehabilitation, and home and vehicle modifications necessary to accommodate a disability.

Some items of compensation are not directly tied to an economic loss. These expenses compensate injury victims for items such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and trauma
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of future earnings due to inability to work

While these types of compensation may be more intangible and difficult to translate into monetary value, they are very real losses that individuals may suffer in vehicle accidents. A Sarasota delivery van accident lawyer can assess your case and gather support for all available forms of compensation in any legal claims you may have.

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When you suffer injuries in a delivery van crash, you may not know what steps to take to secure compensation for your losses. Determining who is responsible for an accident is not always an easy task. Valuing your losses from a severe accident also can be challenging. A Sarasota delivery van accident lawyer can assess the circumstances that led to your crash, present your options for legal recourse, and help you decide upon the best path to follow. According to Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a), you have up to four years after the accident to take legal action for personal injury, so you do not want to delay.

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