Punta Gorda Moving Van Accident Lawyer Moving van accidents can leave victims injured and financially harmed.

The Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy explains that moving vans generally weigh between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds. That is a lot of weight to slam at high speed into another vehicle, and the weight is a reason why moving van accidents can leave victims in a bad position when it comes to:

  • Their financial status
  • Their emotional and psychological health
  • Their physical health

Suffering a setback in just one of these categories could be harmful—suffering harm in two or all three could be devastating. You or someone you love may speak with the team for a Punta Gorda moving van accident lawyer to find out how they may help you seek financial justice.

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Moving Vans Are Necessary Hazards

Moving vans are necessary to help those in the Punta Gorda area move their valuables from one location to another, but they can become hazards under certain conditions. Some of the ways that a moving van may become a threat to your safety include:

  • If the driver of the van is not cautious
  • If the van itself has defective parts
  • If the items inside of a moving van are not properly secured
  • If a moving van’s doors are not properly secured

When these and other threats related to moving vans cause an accident, it is the responsibility of liable parties to pay for victims’ losses.

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Explaining Liability for Moving Van Accidents

Findings produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest that the driver of a vehicle is the one generally responsible for causing an accident (as opposed to vehicle failures or environmental hazards). When the vehicle that an at-fault motorist is driving is a moving van, there is a chance that the driver is an employee of a moving company.

If the driver of the moving truck is an employee, then the company that they work for could be responsible for some portion of your accident-related losses. In order to figure out liability and seek compensation from responsible parties, your lawyer may:

  • Become familiar with the circumstances of your accident
  • Do research into the driver or company affiliated with the moving van involved in your accident
  • Determine whether the driver was acting as an employee at the time of your accident
  • Determine all of the parties who are liable for your losses

Figuring out who is responsible for an accident is something that a lawyer must do before they begin seeking compensation from liable parties. It is one of several tasks that a Punta Gorda moving van accident lawyer may handle for a client like yourself.

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A Lawyer Will Look Out for Your Injuries

A lawyer’s concern when it comes to you as a client will be your wellbeing. Wellbeing can refer to your financial standing but may primarily refer to your health. Therefore, your lawyer and their team will work to find you quality medical care and ensure that your injuries are taken care of after your accident.

You may be diagnosed with more than one injury from a moving van accident. Potential ailments from motor vehicle accidents include:

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Injury to Your Spinal Cord

A moving van can hit a vehicle with such force that it causes the bodies of those inside the vehicle to experience unnatural motion. The victim’s spine may contort, bend, twist, or even break, and this sort of stress can produce an array of possible injuries. The Mayo Clinic lists potential symptoms of spinal cord injuries like:

  • Partial or total paralysis
  • Loss of control over certain bodily functions
  • Problems with sexual functions
  • Changes in reflexes
  • Pain
  • Loss of sensation in certain areas of the body

Spinal cord injuries can be completely disabling, may cause chronic pain, and may force a victim to change the way that they live their life.

Injury to Your Musculoskeletal System

The musculoskeletal system generally contains your bones, joints, and muscles, as explained by MedlinePlus. It is a complex system that can be the source of many possible injuries, from strained muscles to broken bones, dislocations, and other ailments.

Your lawyer may advise that you have a medical professional examine your musculoskeletal system for possible injuries. Such injuries could require you to remain inactive for a period of time while you heal and may require other forms of care.

Brain Injury

The brain plays a role in much of a human’s function, including personality, speech, muscle control, and thinking. Injuries affecting the brain can have serious health consequences. They may even change the most basic ways that a person feels and acts.

Receiving a complete medical review after a moving van accident is a must. Injuries do not always cause obvious pain, and examination by a medical professional could reveal serious injuries that you are not already aware of.

A lawyer will help you or a loved one find medical care after your accident and then will bring a lawsuit or insurance claim. They will work to secure compensation to cover your losses.

Calling a Lawyer’s Team Is Free

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