Naples Criminal Defense Lawyer Charged with a crime in Naples? We may be able to get your charges dropped or your sentence reduced.

Have you been charged with a crime in Naples, Florida? If so, a Naples criminal defense lawyer can advocate for you as you go up against the court system. The punishment for criminal activity in Florida is severe and can alter the rest of your life. A lawyer can take on your case to establish your innocence or petition the courts for a reduced sentence.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine represents clients in a wide range of violent and non-violent criminal defense cases. We can investigate your case to establish the facts, build a solid legal defense, and help you navigate the legal system. You should not have to handle your case alone. It is our job to defend your rights during this stressful time.

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Naples Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Our attorneys have helped clients in a variety of criminal defense cases that range from violent to non-violent charges as listed under Title XLVI. Some of the most common cases we take on include:

Theft Charges

An individual commits theft when they knowingly and intentionally take or use a piece of property that is rightfully owned by someone else. A defense for a theft charge can be presenting a case where you state that you truly believed you possessed the legal right to take ownership of this piece of property. It may be possible that the court believes you were not completely aware that you did not have the right to take ownership of the property.

Assault/Domestic Violence Cases in Naples

A domestic violence charge can jeopardize your career and cause you to lose your concealed carry permit. We can look into the grounds for witness bias and medical evidence, among other types of evidence to possibly reduce the consequences of this charge.

Arrests for Drug Possession/Trafficking 

Being charged with a drug crime can severely impact your future. We may be able to argue that just because you were in the same area as the drug does not mean you committed a crime. It is possible that the court may not be able to identify the drug, and this can be used to your advantage.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Arrests

Your criminal defense lawyer can conduct an investigation into your interaction with the police, starting with when they stopped you to when you were booked into jail. We can look into the sobriety and chemical tests, find out if the officer had sufficient reasoning to pull you over and see if the sample of your chemical test was incorrectly collected or stored.

Naples Weapons Charges

Weapons charges involve the unlawful carrying of a gun, possession of a gun as a felon, or another weapon-related offense. A lawyer with our firm can argue that you used the weapon to defend yourself, your arrest was constitutional, or that your weapon was federally registered.

We also handle cases that involve juveniles, traffic tickets, and violation of probation. Our law firm can advocate for your rights and present a legal defense that may reduce your sentence or get your charges dismissed. We will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.

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Your Legal Representation in Florida

When you are charged with a crime, the prosecuting attorney will do everything in their power to establish your guilt. For this reason, a defense attorney can help provide you a defense on your behalf. When you hire the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, we fully commit to helping you with your case in the following ways:

We Manage Your Case

We request that your case be turned over to our law firm so we can immediately begin working on your behalf. We manage your entire case from start to finish, handling all paperwork, communication, and legal strategy. We work closely with you, consulting you through the entire process.

It is best for you to reach out as soon as possible after you have been charged. A criminal defense lawyer from our firm will need plenty of time to build a strong defense.

We Investigate the Circumstances of Your Arrest and Related Charges

We exhaust every resource to study and research your case at length. We adapt our legal strategy to suit your particular situation and provide a defense that works for you. We continue to work hard until the case is finished.

We Identify and Interview Credible Witnesses

Witnesses play a significant role in our legal strategy. As such, we will identify and locate witnesses who may testify on your behalf. We can also interview expert witnesses, police officers, victims, and other people who can bring light to our defense.

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Obtaining Evidence to Establish Our Defense

One of the most critical elements that can help your case is evidence—or the lack of evidence. We investigate your case and obtain all forms of evidence, such as photo/video footage, documents, alibis, and other exhibits that we may use in court.

Our goal is to prove your innocence and have your case thrown out or to reduce your sentence. We provide legal services that meet your immediate needs.

When it comes to your future, hire a lawyer who can provide a strong defense for your case. You should call us immediately because we can possibly prevent the filing of charges.

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Hiring a Naples Attorney That will Fight for Your Rights

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can advocate for you as you take on the prosecutor. A criminal conviction can jeopardize your future in many ways, and we want to help you avoid that.

Call us to get a free, confidential case assessment with a compassionate team member. We are eager to hear about your situation and inform you of how we can assist you.