In Miami, residents and tourists alike make liberal use of ridesharing services like Lyft. Although these transportation services offer simple and affordable travel options, you face a risk each time you set foot in one.

Florida does not require rideshare services to comply with the same rules and regulations as taxicab drivers and companies, primarily because rideshare drivers operate as independent contractors. Nevertheless, Lyft must provide liability insurance coverage to compensate victims who sustain injuries due to driver negligence.

A Lyft accident lawyer in Miami, FL, can help you fight for the fair financial compensation you deserve if you suffered serious injuries in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle.

The car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine assist clients who sustained injuries in Lyft crashes in Miami. We can help you pursue a financial settlement for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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How Do I Recover Compensation After a Lyft Accident in Miami?

After any car accident in Florida, you must file a claim with your personal injury protection (PIP) policy. State law mandates PIP policies to provide at least $10,000 in coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and death benefits. If you suffered minor injuries, your PIP policy will provide compensation regardless of who was at fault for the crash. 

If you meet the state’s serious injury threshold, however, you can seek additional compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  

Identifying the at-fault party requires proving negligence. In a Lyft crash, the same legal standard applies. However, because of the complex relationship between Lyft and its drivers, we must consider other legal implications.

If you sustained injuries as a Lyft passenger, the company’s commercial insurance policy should cover your injuries, as long as the driver was at fault. If another driver struck your Lyft vehicle, you will likely need to make a car insurance claim with that driver’s insurance company.

If an off-duty Lyft driver caused your injuries, you claim will likely have to go through the driver’s insurance policy. However, if the driver was en route to pick up a fare, Lyft’s policy likely applies—as long as they had the Lyft app running for guidance.

As you can see, pursuing a fair settlement for your injuries can become a complex proposition in these cases. For that reason, you should consider seeking assistance from an attorney.

We offer comprehensive legal assistance for victims of injury accidents involving rideshare companies like Lyft. If you suffered serious injuries in your crash, we can identify the at-fault party and pursue a financial settlement on your behalf.

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How Much Is My Lyft Accident Claim Worth?

You likely have the right to pursue a financial settlement claim for your injuries as well as lost wages and pain and suffering. You may also have a valid basis to seek compensation for any future medical care you will require and future lost wages.

To calculate the dollar value of your claim, we will assemble medical bills and receipts related to your treatment to date. We will also document your lost wages using information from your employer, pay stubs, and other relevant supporting documents.

To document your projected future costs, we will collect information from your doctors and medical providers and potentially obtain testimony from medical experts. If you cannot return to work for a period of time or if you sustained long-term or permanent disability, we will calculate the value of your future lost wages and opportunities.

Finally, we will calculate your pain and suffering value and evaluate any physical or functional losses you sustained.

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What Will a Lyft Accident Lawyer Do to Help Me?

We will protect your legal rights and pursue the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries. We will make sure you get the medical care and treatment you need, putting you on the road to healing and getting back to work.

Our team will assemble your claim and submit it to the insurance company, then negotiate on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement offer. If the insurance company fails to offer a reasonable settlement, we can file a personal injury lawsuit to resolve your case.

It is important to remember that the insurance company and its lawyers may not have your best interest at heart. Instead, many insurers endeavor to minimize the claims they must pay out. The insurer in your case may attempt to get you to sign a waiver or try to deny your car accident claim.

Our legal team will protect you from these attempts, but it is critical that you do not give a statement or sign any documents without first talking to us.

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How Will a Lawyer Prove Fault and Liability for a Lyft Accident?

Establishing liability for a Lyft accident requires an in-depth knowledge of the Florida statutes and careful documentation of the incident. As with any personal injury claim, we must demonstrate the four legal elements of negligence to establish fault and liability:

  • Duty of care;
  • Breach of duty;
  • Causation; and
  • Actual damages.

For example, a Lyft driver owes a duty of care to passengers and the public. This requires that they obey traffic laws and operate their vehicle safely at all times.

If a driver fails to heed the speed limit or texts behind the wheel, they will breach that duty of care. If they cause an accident as a result of this breach, they have liability for any damages they cause.

The final element we must prove is actual damages. We will assemble and provide documentation regarding your treatment costs, lost wages, future care costs and income loss, and pain and suffering.

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The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine understand how frightening and confusing it can be to deal with an injury accident. When your crash involves the complicated legal aspects of ridesharing, it can become overwhelming.

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