Lake Worth Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If a hurricane damaged your home, business, or personal belongings in Lake Worth, FL, you will most likely be filing a property claim to recover your losses.

Few people put money aside in the event they experience a hurricane and have to cover the costs of repairs. Rather, when a hurricane hits, damaging your home and personal property, the anxiety over how you will pay for repairs is often what is most overwhelming.

Let a hurricane property claim lawyer in Lake Worth at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine relieve you of this anxiety. We will file your claim, negotiate with your insurer, and even take it to court if they are denying your claim in bad faith. We will do it all, so you can take care of more personal matters.

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Types of Hurricane Damages You Can Claim

The same hurricane can wreak vastly different types and extent of damage from one home or building to the next. Your property losses may look nothing like your neighbor’s losses, but you will both most likely be filing claims with your insurance provider in hopes that they will cover the damages.

Depending upon the condition of your property after the hurricane, your property claim may cover the following:

  • Removal and disposal of storm debris
  • Repair or replacement of your home
  • Replacement of damaged personal items from inside your home
  • Replacement of missing or broken roof tiles
  • Repair or replacement of a damaged roof
  • Repair or replacement of your garage, shed, or other outdoor structures
  • Living arrangement expenses (hotel, perhaps) while your home is repaired

We will assess your damage, then review your insurance policy to determine your coverage. After explaining to you your options, a hurricane property claim attorney in Lake Worth will construct and file your claim and manage its way through the claims process.

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When the Insurance Company Makes Things Difficult

Insurance companies are in the business of selling policies, not paying out claims. As such, they invest heavily in tools, policies, and procedures that make it difficult for you to get the full amount you seek in your property claim.

Insurance companies are well known for the tactics they use in this regard:

  • Telling you your property damage was pre-existing
  • Alleging that the property damage was not caused by a hurricane
  • Undervaluing your claim
  • Confusing you with policy jargon to give them the upper-hand
  • Delaying the claims process until you get desperate enough to accept whatever they offer

However, you have rights, per the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. We will ensure the insurance company is abiding by the rules set forth in this document and treating your claim properly.

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Let a Lake Worth Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer Manage the Process So You Can Relax and Recover

You can count on our hurricane property claim lawyers in Lake Worth to file and manage your claim, as well as negotiate with your provider to ensure you collect the amount you need to handle your repairs. If that does not work, we will take them to court on your behalf.

When you hire the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, you are signing up for peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone else is taking care of your post-hurricane headaches, and you can focus on recovering from the trauma of your experience.

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