Jacksonville Lightning Property Claim Lawyer Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S., accounting for over 7,100 claims in 2018.

When lightning strikes on or near your property, you may incur thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, accounting for over 7,100 claims in 2018. When lightning strikes your home, not only can it cause structural damage, but it can also destroy any devices that are plugged into your home’s power grid at the time of the strike.

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Lightning Strikes Can Cost You

Recent data from the III notes that the average cost of a lightning-related insurance claim in Florida was $11,668.

Lightning strikes can cause a variety of different losses, including:

  • Damage to your home’s exterior
  • Power surges, which can cause damage to your electronic devices and appliances
  • Fires, which may cause extensive damage

Florida State University (FSU) reports that lightning is one of the most dangerous weather elements that the state has to offer. They categorize lightning strikes into four different divisions, which outline the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

These include:

  • Direct strikes
  • Contact voltage/conduction
  • Side flash
  • Step voltage/ground streamers

Determining which type of lightning occurred and damaged your home will provide your legal team with valuable information about how to approach your insurance company.

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Floridians Have Rights Regarding Covered Losses

Floridians are protected from bad faith insurance practices under the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. In this document, your insurer must keep you updated on the status of your claim and provide information regarding why it was approved or denied.

Under this statute, insurance companies must:

  • Send you acknowledgment of your claim within 14 days of your submission
  • Either accept or deny your case within 30 days and provide an explanation as to why
  • Pay the full cost of the claim, pay a partial amount, or provide a written denial of your case within 90 days

If you experience difficulties in dealing with your insurance company, this is where a Jacksonville lightning property claim lawyer can be a valuable resource. Our team can hold your insurer responsible for the benefits outlined in your policy so that you can get to work on repairing your home. If we cannot reach an agreement as to what you are entitled to under your contract, we have no problem taking your case to court. There, you may be able to seek additional funds than what is outlined in your policy.

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Services a Jacksonville Lightning Property Claim Lawyer Can Provide

When you work with our legal team, some of the services we can perform include:

  • Filing your claim in court as soon as possible
  • Handling communications with your insurance company
  • Identifying the extent of the damage caused by the lightning strike
  • Estimating the value of your losses
  • Defending your rights throughout the legal process

The III notes that because of the popularity of smart home devices, lightning-related claims have risen 21.2% since 2016. You should not have to pay for the replacement of your electronic devices if your insurance policy protects you from Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

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