Probation is a type of punishment that the court imposes on a defendant in lieu of incarceration and other penalties. The goal of probation is to ensure that the person who has been convicted remains on good behavior and is not breaking the law. Usually, probation is imposed if the court believes that the person is not likely to commit further crimes and the law does not require imprisonment or other penalties.

Once placed on probation, a person is required to be under close supervision by the probation officer and the state of Florida. In Florida, standard requirements for probation include meeting regularly with a probation officer, staying employed, remaining within a specified area, observing the law, making reparation or restitution for any damage or loss caused to another party, supporting any legal dependents, and agreeing to random drug and alcohol tests when requested.

Violating probation results in severe consequences for the offender. The most common violations are when the probationer fails to report to the probation officer, or commits a crime while on probation. If probation is violated, the probation officer has the right to arrest the offender without a warrant. Often, the original sentence will be reinstated and the person will have to serve prison time.

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