Daytona Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If your home was damaged in a hurricane, a hurricane property claim lawyer in Daytona, Florida can help you restore your property.

The sheer speed of hurricane winds can cause severe damage to your home. If your home sustained damage during a hurricane, you want action now. You put insurance coverage in place and paid monthly premiums for a reason. Now, you deserve to get the full financial benefit that returns your home to its former condition.

The destructive nature of a hurricane can leave your home and property in complete disarray. The aftermath of a hurricane can be completely overwhelming. The sudden damage, destruction, or total loss of your home can leave you feeling uncertain about where to turn or what to do next. You can make a full recovery after a hurricane. A hurricane property claim lawyer in Daytona can help.

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How A Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer Helps Assess Property Damage

Gathering the supporting evidence and necessary documentation to accurately file your insurance claim on your own can be complex and labor intensive. Our team will guide you through the claims process and ensure nothing is overlooked. Let us help you collect the required information and proof for your insurance company.

We can help you gauge and verify the damage to your home to make sure you submit a comprehensive and complete insurance claim. Some of the ways our attorneys help support your insurance claim include:

  • Documenting and recording the damage to your home
  • Compiling photo and video support for your claim
  • Scrupulously examining your insurance policy for every benefit to which you may be entitled
  • Preparing and filing your hurricane property damage insurance claim
  • Working with the insurance company on your behalf

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Get Assistance and Guidance When You Need It The Most

You deserve a full payout from your insurer. That can mean taking several steps to ensure your claim is thorough and accurate. We guide you through the claims process from gathering needed evidence and documentation to the initial filing of your claim. We stay by your side during the claim review process through the final payout from your insurance company. Our attorneys are by your side during each phase along the hurricane property claim journey.

Avoid efforts to negotiate with the insurance company on your own. Doing so could mean you are at risk of being offered a lower settlement amount than you deserve by the insurance company. We will negotiate a favorable settlement in your best interest. If we cannot reach the right settlement on your behalf, we do not hesitate to take your case to court and make sure your claim is not undervalued or underpaid.

You faithfully paid premiums to your insurer in good faith. You deserve to have us by your side when the disaster of a hurricane destroys your home. We do not receive compensation until you do. Restored peace of mind and restored property are your goals. Our goal is to help you and your family reap the benefits your insurance policy entitles you to.

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How To Accurately Evaluate Your Hurricane Property Damage Claim 

Knowing the right steps to take and what you should expect can make a big difference in your hurricane property insurance claim. That means you need to understand how the insurer works and what compensation your policy entitles you to. You also need a working timeline for getting your home repaired, your family back to safety, and your life back to normal. 

Hurricane Damage Can Be Overwhelming, But Filing A Hurricane Property Damage Claim Does Not Have To Be

The very first thing you should do in the days following a hurricane is to ensure your family is in a safe location and receives any medical care they need. This can include emergency and follow-up medical care and treatment. Keep these important steps in mind as you begin to file your insurance claim and rebuild your life:

  • Create an inventory of your family’s personal possessions
  • Keep every receipt for hurricane-related expenses
  • Take multiple photos of the interior damage to your home
  • Take multiple photos of the exterior damage to your property
  • Take photos from a variety of angles
  • Take video footage of your home’s damage, if possible
  • Obtain photos of your home’s condition prior to the hurricane
  • Obtain a full copy of your insurance policy
  • Keep all documents and evidence in a safe, dry, easy-to-access location

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney when you are ready to start the insurance filing process. The state of Florida has a three-year statute of limitations on filing a hurricane property claim. We act quickly on your behalf to help you receive the full compensation you deserve. Together, we can collect the documents, photographs, and other articles you need to file an accurate insurance claim as soon as possible.

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You are not alone in the damage or loss of your home. Florida’s hurricane season typically lasts from June through November and affects many families.

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